Ein Beitrag der ASIM e.V.

Publication of new guideline „hepatorenal tyrosinemia“ by AWMF

We are pleased to announce that the new guideline on hepatorenal tyrosinemia has now been published by the AWMF (working group of scientific and medical societies) at https://register.awmf.org/de/leitlinien/detail/027-003. With this, another guideline on a very important metabolic disease has been published in cooperation with the ASIM. Children with this disorder, which has been successfully tested for in newborn screening for several years, often reach adulthood thanks to early therapy with Nitisinone and are then looked after and guided by experts for metabolic disorders. In the new guideline, the special challenges of adulthood are dealt with in a decidedly state-of-the-art scientific manner.

Prof. Dr. med. M. Merkel, ASIM 1st Chairman
Prof. Dr. med. S. vom Dahl, ASIM Treasurer